The Nihilists
The nihilist
Portrayed by Peter Stormare (Uli), Torsten Voges (Franz), Flea (Dieter)
Gender Males
Occupation Criminals
Other Relations Friends to Bunny Lebowski

Headed by Uli Kunkel aka "Karl Hungus," the group consits of Dieter and Franz. They devise a plan to defraud Jeffery Lebowski of his money when Bunny Lebowski decided to leave town. They pretend to kidnap Bunny and write a ransom note to Jeffery Lebowski for one million dollars and "no funny schtuff".


Originally, they were part of the band Autobahn. They released one album titled "Nagelbett" in the late 1970's which Maude describes as "ugh, techno-pop."


Nihilist: Ve believes in nossing, Lebowski. Nossing. And tomorrow ve come back and ve cut off your chonson.

The Dude: Excuse me?

Nihilist: I said [shouting]

Nihilist: We’ll cut off your johnson!

Nihilist #2: Just think about that, Lebowski.

Nihilist: Ja, your viggly penis, Lebowski.

Nihilist #3: Yeah and maybe we stomp on it and squoosh it, Lebowski.

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