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Maude Lebowski
Portrayed by Julianne Moore
Gender Female
Occupation Artist
Other Relations Daughter of The Big Lebowski

Maude Lebowski is the quaternary protagonist daughter of Jeffrey "Big" Lebowski. She is responsible for the thugs who knocked Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski unconscious. She's a feminist and an avant-garde artist. Her character has a trans-Atlantic accent and she creates artwork that, in her own words, "... has been commended as strongly vaginal".

Maude might be involved in a romantic relationship with the video artist Knox Harrington.

Maude first appears in a brief scene where she has one of her two thugs hit The Dude on the jaw while he lies on the rug he'd claimed from her father's mansion, relaxing and listening to a recording of a bowling match. When The Dude awakes, the rug is gone.

The Dude later receives a message from Maude on his answering machine and meets with her. She tells him she took the rug back because it was a valued gift from her to her mother and was not available for her father to give away. Suspicious of her father taking the $1 million from the family fortune to pay for Bunny's ransom, she charges The Dude with recovering the money from the people he gave it to. If he's successful, Maude will give him $100,000.

Maude reveals in the conversation that she and her father have a strained relationship: neither approves of the other's lifestyle. Maude is also highly critical of her father's relationship with Bunny. She shows The Dude a pornography film called "Logjammin'" that stars Bunny and her nihilist friend, Ueli, who goes by the stage name "Karl Hungus".

Near the end of the movie she engages in coitus with The Dude in order to conceive a child. Though The Dude is initially shocked by her admission, she assures him she's looking for a man to conceive with her who will want no emotional attachment to her or her child.

While The Dude is unconscious after being hit by Maude's thug, he has a dream where he's flying over Los Angeles. Ahead of him, on a flying rug, is Maude, with her back to him. Later, after being drugged by Jackie Treehorn, The Dude has another surrealistic dream where he stars in a faux pornography film called "Gutterballs". The Dude is dressed much like Ueli in "Logjammin'" and encounters Maude, dressed in a bowling-themed Viking costume. The two perform their way through a Busby Berkeley-inspired musical number to Kenny Rogers' song "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Is In)", complete with a bevy of dancing girls.